Breathing Full Care Service, a smart way to improve your management

Amphibica, faithful to the principles of safety and high quality service that inspired its establishment, is carrying out an awareness campaign about the importance of proper maintenance of diving equipments.

The experience in the technical diving industry and equipment maintenance, has made us aware of a reality that often neglects fundamental aspects in the management of life support (as is a regulator) for the safe practice of diving, both amateur and professional.

Too often, the regulators that arrive at our workshop have suffered from poor maintenance – often incorrect – which compromises its proper functioning and determines, as a direct consequence, a precarious safety condition during the dive and an increase in the diving center costs that has to pay for a more invasive repairs.

“We Take care of Your Breath, Underwater” is the fundamental principle on which our work is based.

The program offers the possibility to keep the Diving Center expenses under control by eliminating extra-budget in equipment management: our service center will carry out all the ordinary and extraordinary interventions in its regulators.

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