How your regulators are tested

Do you know how your regulators are tested before being launched on the market?

Each regulator model, to obtain certification, must be subjected to a test by means of a special machine that check its performance, simulating the conditions of a real dive (variation in depth, ventilation regime, inhalation and exhalation efforts, cracking effort).

These tests are not only performed for the certification release but also for production, with sample checks.
To carry out these tests the manufacturing companies have ANSTI machines.

Each manufacturer has its own product quality control policy, often with stricter guidelines than the regulations.

Mares announces to be in possession of one of the only two ANSTI machines existing in Europe that can test products up to the depth of 200mt, the double of most of these machines.

The utility of such a “deep” test offers the possibility of verifying the functioning of a regulator in situations far beyond the normal diver operation depth, proving its characteristics in “limit” situations.

The machine is equipped to be fed with gas from cylinders, this allows to certify the Mares regulators at 200m using a gas mix TX6,7 / 83.3 as defined by the British BS8547: 2016 regulation.